Robert RobyCFDS, CPCA

Senior Wealth Advisor

Bob has been licensed since 1987, helping clients achieve rewarding retirements and meaningful wealth. He has the ability to simplify and thus clarify complex financial issues. He believes that much like an Olympic athlete who needs professional guidance to achieve their objectives, that his clients view Bob in much the same way.

His investment approach has stood the test of time, but at the end of the day what matters the most to Bob, is not how much money he makes for his clients, but what they do with the money they have. His client service approach concentrates on helping his clients develop passions and merging their money with those passions for a life well lived.

Clients have counted on Bob’s experience to bring them through some of the toughest market conditions in history. In addition, Bob has weathered most of life’s important transitions and the financial challenges these can bring. He is his clients CFO, mentor and “Psychologist”.

He has experienced over the past 28 years how the financial industry has failed to garner the trust of many Canadians due to the blunders of a few. Thus Bob has always and will always do what is best for his clients. To do this honestly, Bob provides his clients with a full range of non in-house product offerings from blue chip stocks to exchange traded funds and mutual funds and bonds.

Bob has acquired the Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist. He has a full Securities licence; level two insurance licences, Professional financial planning course and is currently authoring a financial book for release in early 2016.

Accomplishments include receiving the prestigious Dalbar Financial Professional Seal for service excellence, the elite designation for total advisor excellence and multiple other awards over the years, too numerous to mention.

Bob enjoys reading, writing, stock market research and first and foremost his family and his grand-children. He also provides free financial planning for handicapped veterans.


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