18 October, 2018

Why You Need An Estate Plan

Have you avoided estate planning? Having a discussion with loved ones about how you would like your assets distributed in the event of your passing is one of the most important unselfish things you can do.


Even if your assets are relatively modest, it is important to have a will and powers of attorneys that reflect your wishes. There’s nothing more emotionally draining than leaving your loved ones with having to navigate their way through a spider web of confusion.


The following e-book Expert Estate Planning: Leaving a Lasting Legacy will help you to plan effectively. Even if you already have a will it would be of value to check it out as well as laws affecting estate planning change. In addition, if your will is over 10 years old it should be updated with your legal advisor.


If you have any questions, or would like to be guided towards an estate lawyer kindly drop me a line.